Endtimeprophet2012.com Closure. End of an Era. Daniel returns and leaves after 2012

April 1, 2013 Site update mea culpa and closure to Daniel Eli’s public declarations. Dates of reference in retrospect:May 2011: Creation of endtimeprophet2012.com with emphasis on 12-21-2012 issues.. Aug. 28th 2011: Author/angel/Ancient of Days Daniel Eli manifests massive hurricane and nearly … Continue reading

‘I AM’ Violet Flame Decrees for HEALING DIvine Energy Transmission video

Here is an experiment I wish for you to try, if you are ill for any reason. Pass it along to anyone who is ill and needs healing! It is a HEALING video with a divine energy transmission protocol with … Continue reading

12-21-2012 Denial & Preparation for Ascension

November 16, 2012 Update to http://endtimeprophet2012.com   The countdown has begun! Topics: 12-21-2012 “end” Denial and…PEPARATION There are only 35 days until the profound, prophetic date of 12-21-2012 which is related to the Mayan calendar and is “zero point” singularity … Continue reading

God and Your Ascension at the End of Time; 12-21-2012 Preparation

(Added November 15, 2012, by Daniel Eli.) God and Your Ascension at the End of the Age (Or, end of time or world) as we approach 12-21-2012 Mayan and Bible end time. LOVE – that is, unconditional divine Love (and … Continue reading

‘I AM’ Daniel – “That Is What ‘I AM’ “; Messenger returns in the flesh, yet totally rejected (like Jesus)

DANIEL’S INTRO AND SUMMARY OF THE “WHO, WHAT WHERE AND WHYS” and verifiable “proofs” of Daniel and calling and website and life. (For newbies to website. Or, use for “spreading the word” to friends or press or any other interested … Continue reading

Join Calling With HOURLY in Prayer to Ascend Earth by 12-21-2012! Countdown Has Begun!

Website and page update, 5 week countdown, November 14, 2012 by Daniel Eli. (Author and creator of Divine Plan of 6 week countdown ascension, Daniel Eli.) The following is the “plan” for ascension of earth in the coming weeks until … Continue reading

Breaking News: Devastating Hurricane Sandy, New York City; Wrath of God

10-31-2012 (Halloween & full moon!) 12:00 AM Breaking News Article by Daniel Eli, author of Final Book of Daniel and reincarnated Biblical prophet. Breaking News: Hurricane Sandy Devastates Atlantic N.E. USA region and New York City. New York City NJ … Continue reading

Testimony of October 11 earthquake fulfillment; NOT random chance prophecy!

The following letter/article was written by Marjory K. a couple days ago regarding the October 11, 2012 prophecy I made and “fulfilled.” ________________________________ ________________________________ TESTIMONY BY MARJORY K. AS TO ACCURACY OF DANIEL’S PROPHECY OF AN EARTHQUAKE TO OCCUR OCTOBER … Continue reading

6.7 Earthquake on the 11th, “half fulfilled” prophecy

October 12, 2012 Update. Addendum to prior day’s infamous October 11 “doomsday” prophecy. There was a large earthquake as I expected and half-heartedly predicted (or, “prophesied”) yesterday on the Pacific Rim zone in Indonesia, as discussed below. But wait, wasn’t … Continue reading

Letters to Coast to Coast AM & George Noory – Oct 9, 2012

Published 4:20 AM, October 9th, 2012, two days prior to The October 11th, 2012 Prophecy of historic & apocalyptic global “earthquake” and on the Seventh Day of the soon-to-be-famous, “The Seven Days of Ascension.” Letters date October 9th, 2012 to … Continue reading