“Proof” #6: Daniel miraculously clears overcast sky, with witnesses, in minutes…

"Proof" Eye Witness Testimony of "Joy".avi

(Joy gives her testimony to Daniel clearing overcast sky above Chico CA, Aug 15, 2012)

On August 15, 2012 I cleared an overcast sky, which is one of may incidences of divine command and control over the forces of the sky, by the power of Mighty “I AM”.

At 9:20 I asked my apartment neighbor, Joy, to look at the clouds overhead, then told her I was going to clear the totally overcast sky by noon, which of course was fulfilled less than 2 hours later.

At precisely 9:30 AM, with the sky 99% overcast, I met with Ron Zimmer of East Ave. Community Church (Chico, CA, 530-891-6882) and told him I would deliberately clear the sky by noon.

By 11 AM, well before 12 noon deadline, the sky had indeed cleared as prophesied, radiating outwards beyond the city limits.

I also told Kathy at the Safeway gasoline kiosk I was going to clear the sky by noon. I met with her at 9:40 AM. (530-899-2320 EXT# 1219)

I called Emilio Muniz at Butte CO. Behavioral health at 10:00 to tell him I was clearing the sky. For verification call 530-891-2784.

I called Dante at Wells Fargo bank at 10 AM sharp, telling him I would clear the sky, when it was still cloudy and dreary. I returned to Wells Fargo at 11:45 AM and met with Dante and obtained the following testimony (Can be reached at Wells Fargo Bank 954 East Ave. 95926, 530-343-3750):

“On August fifteenth at 10:00 am precisely, Daniel called me to tell me he would by the power of god clear the cloudy Chico skies by noon.”

“At noon he came in to verify this with me at work and it was done.”

“He has done this on multiple occasions miraculously and has been right every time.”

“I am a huge skeptic of religion or miracles in general. But I cannot deny the multiple occurrences that Daniel has predicted.”

“I may not be a believer just yet, but it has definitely sparked a dormant interest in faith and the possibility of a higher power.”

“Sincerely spoken,”

“Dante Nuncio”

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