Confirmed: US President Obama is Incarnation of Satan AND reincarnation of Hitler

Obama reincarnation of Hitler

Barak Obama

It has been revealed to me by God, 21st century reincarnated Daniel, on the date of June 25th, 2012 that US President Barack Obama is actually an incarnation of Satan himself AND the actual reincarnation of Adolf Hitler!

This is definite and absolute.

He will be the one to initiate the Mark of the Beast mentioned in the Book of Revelation 13:3:

“One of the heads of the beast seems to have had a fatal wound, but the fatal wound had been healed.” (Rev 13:3)

I am supposed to, by Divine will, reveal this to the world and also to president Obama and the White House.

He is the one who will receive a fatal wound but then recover.

So sorry for you, Mr. President…


See this page to read my old letters to the president, November 9, 2011.


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