4-12-2012 Letter from Daniel to Obama

http://youtu.be/hDQTKuLizrk Daniel’s letter to president Obama RE: 2012 prophecy

2012 & Daniel's letter & video to Pres. Obama 4-12

Greetings and salutations Mr. President Obama.

I contacted you last year concerning the future according to the prophetic vision God allowed me to experience to tell to you and the world concerning the whole Dec. 21, 2012 issue.

This is Daniel of the Bible, incarnated angel. Glad to be in communication with you regarding this “interesting times” future scenario and that you have given me a moment of your time. A time to consider not only what the future holds, but what we can do about it, and change.

(I know you have seen my “2012 Final Truth” Video [http://tinyurl.com/7ezlffx ] because your face as you watched it came into my conscious vision. The moment when I said, “Most terrifying descending Presence” was etched into my Mind and verification that you took me seriously.)

Now to refresh your memory, we are STILL, at this juncture, at a crossroads between 2 different future scenarios for earth. The one I have seen with a FULL ascension of all life on earth into the 5th dimension, with “judgment day” and the second one being a book of Revelation Seven Seals of wrath of God tribulation with an “Antichrist” on the scene at the end of time and collapse of civilization after 2020 A.D.

I truly hope you give your EVERY decision the right, most divine one available and not plunge us into WWIII.

WWIII scenario I have had visions of, and that outcome would take place by WRONG decisions made between now (4-12-2012) and September. I urge you, Mr. President to NOT make any hasty decisions to invade Iran this year (as a distraction from the economy, for instance, and an out-of-control situation will develop.)

You are being given a choice, Mr. President, to usher in the 12-2012 day of the Lord with hope and peace, or we fail and digress into a 7 year “tribulation” environment with a 200-million manned army “from the Kings of the East” (China) marching across the globe in perilous times.

Understandably you may feel uncomfortable publicly speaking about such a far-out situation as the “end” of the world, seeing that the official mainstream downplays such concerns, and for good reasons, being it has all been predicted before.

This time, Mr. President, it is real and not a false alarm.

I suggest breaking the news tactfully and with humor and wisdom.

We can be “afraid” of the future, or we can embrace it and have acceptance with hopes of a brighter day on a new earth.

And, while my Aug 3, 2000 vision of the Day of the Lord was the most terrifying anyone could go through, it is, I perceive, a glorious future awaiting us, and you and I are inexorably linked by destiny.

Sincerely, Daniel Eli


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  1. Your not the only one…Im the Sun…reincarnated…..Seed of Christ…im 22 and everything you feel about everything I felt my whole life…Obama i dont feel Peace in his heart…

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