Real True End Time Events with Daniel Sept.-Oct.-Nov. 2011 …

November 7th, 2011 update … New update: November 7th (3:33 AM!), (Sent 1st on 3rd Nov. New improved edition, resent and posted newly on


Real True End Time Events with Daniel Sept.-Oct.-Nov. 2011 …
November 7th, 2011 update … New update: November 7th (3:33 AM!), (Sent 1st on 3rd Nov. New improved edition, resent and posted newly on
******************************** (From Final Book of Daniel to subscribers) Listen, all of you long time readers …. Something so incredibly PROFOUND has been happening of late that it will require another long book in and of itself to describe…


Beginning Wednesday, September 21, no longer living in “real earth time” (as in, 50 MINUTES behind normal “human” time, according to “new” watch NOT “set by human hands” (i.e. when a “regular person” tries to set it forward to P.S.T. GOD and His angels – without touching it – turn it back 50 minutes!), multidimensionally superimposed angelic “God existence.”)
Mobile phones “breaking down” with NO POWER electrically beginning Sept. 21-onwards around Daniel’s presence in “Sanctuary” behind apartment AT EXACTLY 1:30 PM.


Ascending “human/angelic” existence with time periods of length timed according to 12-3-6-9 OR :45-:00, :00-:05, :05-:20 on the dial of clock. Thought, vision and bodily movement 95% precisely guided by Higher Divine will to specific locations involving churches, buildings, alignment to North-East-South-West axis points of planet, sun, moon corresponding to timed intervals on clocks (times mentioned above — to EXACT precise time-frames, hourly fulfillments to :45-:00, :00-:05, :05-:20 on the hour, almost EVERY hour all day, every day!).


Existing and doing now around city “angelic missions” in short periods of intervals of 15 minutes, 5 minutes. (15 min to strike of the hour or :45 to :00, then 5 min. “danger period” of :00 to :05, then :05 to :20 after hour, at which point means “end” or completion of regular divine “missions” or social set-ups all divinely coordinated to such exact precision no one else but a much Higher Divine Mind could conceive of something as profound and impeccably PERFECT as this.)


“End-time conspiracy” (NOT some Hollywood movie script — all TRUE, actually and really happening! It is all real!) evolving with men-in-black government-looking vehicles showing up at and surrounding residence (5-6X from October 1st to 10th!) parking lot, some disappearing within minutes and seconds. (NOT “imaginary.” Neighbors all seeing them as well — as real as can be. Neighbors now afraid.)
“Judgment” at Catholic Church (seven seals placed as “failure option”) Sept 21, 2011.Too much to describe now. Process required from 3 AM to 1:30 PM, almost 8 hours looking/decreeing into sun, within and around Church. Stay tuned for staggering details — and consequences for the world for “rejection” option given to the world as outlined in Final Book of Daniel homepage, regarding 7 Seals, 7 angels, 7 vials, (Revelation & Wrath of God 30% – 90% die off scenario, Starburst2020, etc.) NO land line phone, mobile phone or internet communications — at public terminal now – God & angels (everywhere, surrounding all) removed ALL money, ALL electronic communications down.)


Not able at present to “work” human jobs (i.e. 9-5, M-F) because of new ascendant “angelic existence” Sept 21st-on, all mobile phones and electronics and clocks in my presence and location coming to complete HALT at 1:30 PM, along with lengthy periods of missing time, etc. (Numbers appearing everywhere such as 333, 444, 11:11.)


Note: twice candles in middle of night extinguishing exactly at 4:44 AM with “angel” friend Mary present…Stay tuned, I shall introduce her to the world, shortly, IF I get a Smart Phone, necessary start up money, her art studio in Paradise, CA. AND working laptop.) Weather divinely altered above city daily (“heavens being opened,” DAILY, HOURLY and even every 5 minutes!) as I move guided by clouds, rising and setting sun & east/west, north/south axis of planet & stars.


October 5th, intense hailstorm directly overhead w/violent lightning strikes divinely created (wrath of God “stuff” — Biblical in magnitude and power, causing major disruption, as demonstration of “sign” of anger of God for REJECTION of Daniel as reincarnated messenger — at least by those of “orthodox” Christian, Jewish and Muslim religionists and “most” religious leaders, –THEIR loss, and unfortunately “JUDGMENT” to come upon those rejecting and/or accusing Daniel, AND entire planet by vast legions of angels of GOD (Not “devil”), SEVERE this time,( even to the “well intentioned” — the road to Hell is paved with good intentions) HAIL, LIGHTNING and TORNADO overhead and to the sides striking trees down with witnesses precisely timed to 4:20 PM God’s time — to the exact SECOND and MINUTE as per “new” time period(s), hourly, being set-up by God…


:45-:00, :00-:05, :05-:20 or 12, 3, 6, 9 AND North (N), East (E), South (S), West (W) cardinal points, ALL perfectly coordinated and timed to precise times and angles of Sun (Son of God – I AM Presence) AND with perfect sun and cloud (heavenly) formations changing every 5 minutes to guide me (Daniel) around town to perfectly “set-up” scenarios issued by God for perfect divine fulfillment of Daniel “at the end of the days.”


The above time, 4:20, very, very important to God and world (4/20 dates of Hitler’s birthday and Columbine shooting, 420 number of California proposition for pot legalization (stay tuned, I shall educate RE: tornado, etc.) AND all timed to repeatable :20 time frame Daniel now PERMANENTLY ON with reputable religious leader testimonies from Ron Zimmerman (1184 East Ave. Community Church, Chico, CA, 530-342-1806 ) and Rector (Priest) Richard Yale, (St. John’s Episcopal Church, 2341 Floral Ave. Chico CA, 530-894-1971), and Glenn Cheney (Butte Bible Fellowship, 2255 Pillsbury RD. Chico, CA, 530-892-0521). Call above pastors/priests for verification/confirmation of IMPOSSIBLY perfect, IMPOSSIBLY timed supernatural “meetings” with above respectable religious leaders according to the :20 after the hour timing, especially Sunday Nov. 6, 2011 with Richard Yale issuing me Communion @ 11:20 then arriving at my home to see “supernaturally created” angelic sanctuary at precisely 12:20 an hour later, NONE of which was in any way “prearranged” or “pre-scripted” and none of these people have been “coerced” to say anything against their will; remember, these are ORTHODOX, mainline Christian Churches leaders who are seeing these profound, REPEATABLE “signs and wonders” of alteration of weather, “impossible” co-ordination of “meeting set-ups” with not just several people several times per day but with high-ranking, high-influencing and highly respected religious types, INCLUDING the Catholic Church. (The priests in the Catholic Church in both locations in Chico CA. are all timed to the 3:20, 4:20, 5:20 etc. time-frame too! Stay tuned, more to be explained …)


Many (Real, true, genuine — miracles galore, CONTINUALLY … i.e. weather radically altering with “heavens opening up” — DAILY — roses falling from the sky, impossibly accurate geometric shapes and sacred angles aligned everywhere, consummated for Daniel’s historic awakening in Chico, CA as Ancient of Days all arranged since the dawn of time CENTURIES ago) multiple angels showing up constantly, cats appearing and disappearing, etc.
Doors being unlocked (by angels, w/o keys) to enter closed mall, churches in the middle of the night, etc.) “Hooked up” by God the Creator with a (real) woman angel (Mary, 41) under now my protection, after years of solitary isolation, at the right time at the right place to “fulfill” final destiny for Daniel — a REAL angelic partner.
“Sanctuary” created behind residence apartment without my knowledge from angels of God within and around apartment, all unknowingly working multidimensionally and behind the scenes to “fulfill” Daniel’s (my) ascension (reward — Dan. 12) NOW with incredible sequence of events indescribable to the human mind taking place w/miracles as eternally burning candles, etc. Underwent severe temptation process completing a near 8 MONTHS w/o much food. (Sustained mostly by God (faith), power & light of the direct sunlight. That is, staring directly into sun w/prayer for 1-2 hours/day! Since “Lent” March 9, 2011)
Dramatic events and “end time conspiracy” near Chico, CA mall involving miracles at Starbucks, Metro PCS (mobile phone store within mall) on precise 24-hour autumn equinox day alignment and sunrise, mid-day and sunset. Now under divine protection (like Daniel of Bible of Old, but this time FAR, FAR more incredible … just wait and see!).


Attacked by vicious dogs 5 TIMES in one day, under full divine protection of divine love and ‘I AM’.
Again, I am not, at present, capable of answering months-long backlog of emails (remember, all computers “fried,” no phone (God and his angels removed and disconnected them ALL, line tapped by govt since Irene hurricane.) and now need to support new angel Mary, now part of this unfolding real-life end-time experience with Daniel (author, Final Book of Daniel).

If you all “want” me to keep in touch with world, I must call for a “loan” to obtain assistance for new struggle with “co-partner” in this multidimensional drama now unfolding. I am first going to ask you long-time subscribers. It WILL be repaid and you WILL be blessed. Those who assist now will be assured blessing in return, multiplied. This is, in a sense, a “test” to see if even ONE of you would assist with a humble “start-up” cost of a few hundred dollars, after which point we both could work “on the move.” That is ALL it will take to obtain mobile (working) phone & laptop, and support new angelic friend (who has now NO gas to drive her car around or rent to do her selfless work of driving mentally ill patients etc. around town. This is critical — remember, we (Mary AND me now) are now operating on a “NEW” timeline somehow “superimposed” upon the “regular” earth surroundings and timeline — time is very difficult to describe, and again this is NOT fiction at all …
God’s time NOW 50 minutes BEHIND P.S.T. West Coast time! All arranged “coincidentally” to :20 scenarios divinely “set-up.” Remember, it is now not seemingly even POSSIBLE to work “9-5” for me and for her during this “half angel, half human” reality now upon me, and us. Scenario unfolding like a Hollywood movie script but ALL true, ALL real and actually happening.


(I will, once smart phone and laptop obtained, be self-supporting with YouTube videos, etc. But again, GOD & the angels DELIBERATELY REMOVED and are continually removing ALL my money from existence, & EVERY attempt in past 3-4 months to “get money” or even be “on the internet’ was actually PREVENTED (supernaturally — as in Internet posts for fundraising donations ELIMINATED from reality as they are posted — surprised if this one gets through!) by God and the angels during this rigorous temptation process concerning “money & wealth,” despite EVERY human attempt (and desire) to do otherwise, even a few dollars for a phone! (If you are imagining people are ‘falling over’ trying to help poor old Daniel and the angels appearing everywhere, you are SADLY mistaken. There seems to be NO ONE helping, not even family!


Again, apparently humans are rejecting the Holy Grail of the Bible, Daniel as a winged incarnated messenger. Also remember that historically, the “world” actually HATES the true prophets/messengers chosen by God. They do NOT, as you may imagine, all bow down and worship those “chosen” — They KILL them.
Luckily, God is divinely protecting my and all interests, including all of YOU who DO “believe” and support. (Several vicious attack dogs tried to charge me in past 2 weeks alone, all STOPPED instantly by faith in God (LOVE of I AM Presence)…
Yes, just like Daniel of the Bible in the lion’s den.


In fact, and again, the men-in-black (yes, just like in the movies!!!) are on our tail, and the millions of angels of heaven are all watching carefully everything happening now, but do not worry, because after what I have seen in past several weeks, God is SOOOO far more powerful than any trivial “menaces” as the men-in-black that they are like ANTS compared to the incredible POWER of God: A God (Jesus, Sun, Son) SO powerful NOTHING can interfere nor obstruct, as long as one “has faith.” This is not “belief” my friends.
This is not “fiction” nor “fantasy.” This is as REAL and factual as it ever gets or will get… And, remember, the BEST part of this incarnation of Daniel was that I was raised NON-religious! Even agnostic until age 28!
Naturally most are AFRAID to help someone like me, This is understandable of course. However, if you are one wishing to help, be not afraid, because soon, very soon, you WILL be repaid. This is not a “begging” plea for “free money.” It is a plea of desperation from a genuine reincarnated Biblical Messenger, Daniel, at the last stages before the completion of the intense process. A process SO profound another book will have to be written concerning the powerful and DRAMATIC true-life events of the prior 6 weeks ALONE.
Notes to remember: Autumn equinox, judgment at Starbucks with Sherry (manager). Catholic Church end time conspiracy (Catholic Priests being “supernaturally controlled” around Daniel’s presence to the :20 after the hour existence, 2012 acension end time events unfolding NOW.


Metro PCS mobile phone divine set-up conspiracy, involving World Peace Prayer Vision (.org) & Starbucks coffee. Economic collapse (Sept 28, 2011 – on) CO-INCIDING with Daniel’s complete elimination of ALL electronics, phones and computers AND money after months-long temptation involving denial of even food for existence, with intense purification back to “ascendant holiness” one would expect from an incarnated angel or “messenger.” These events of May to Sept/Oct/Nov 2011 & ongoing, very briefly outlined here, concern not simply “Daniel’s” personal life as ascension to “God-like” existence “at the end of the days” (Dan.12:13) but all simultaneously God’s determination and “judgment” concerning the fate of the future of planet earth, replacement of “old” economy with divine economy and “end” to current exponential rise of Internet information and technology, symbolized by events to be described in future at Starbucks Coffee, equinox, Sept. 28, 2011 and now, 5 BILLION mobile phones at the very END of time and “end” of the earth as we know it.
Again, FAR, FAR too much to describe now, wait and see.


This is “the story to end all stories” and it is all true, not “fiction.” But simultaneously now NEED assistance IF you all want Daniel to record events happening not just “daily” but HOURLY — far too many “miracles” to even record anymore.
NEED SMART PHONE! Replacement of current technology (shutting down of electronics and mobile phones, etc.) with future of earth (heavenly w/ trees, gardens & flowers, no plastic, beer, coffee, cigs etc.) Meaning: Temptation nearly over, time to start anew.


The “new earth” is almost here …rejoice, long term friends, those who I love and have assisted & supported me in years gone by shall be shortly be repaid handsomely, with upcoming “TRUE” wealth, from heaven, which is diamonds, gold, gems and emeralds — not worthless currency. Stay tuned for future details … (One may leave an email, but remember, it has been MONTHS since answering emails, because all technology being removed from my possession, Against all human desires upon new chart being determined by God now.
Type “assistance” in message header, will attempt to “get back” within 24 hours. Or, send to mailing address below any assistance you think may help…)
Daniel Eli, 1059 East Ave., Apt. 10, Chico, CA 95926
Note for future reference: Visions of future now of healing in hospitals (instantaneous), jewels from heaven appearing (diamonds, gems, to “repay” those who have helped in past and present and future, which, ironically is NOT many.
Vision of accelerated “time” of me in September 2012 future…..
Passing judgment as Ancient of Days in future on radio station interview (Coast to Coast AM, appears to be) and an eventual move from USA to Canada.
Following posted recently on Dramatic events taking place, real-life end-time conspiracy, past 40 days, Sept 21, 2011 to October 28, 2011 Daniel the prophet/messenger/”angel” NO ONE has assisted in even the slightest, and when attempt to ask people, God’s angels STOP and prevent me from obtaining a dime, at least thus far. Despite human desires to obtain small amounts of money, I have had to instead GIVE away everything (ALL coins, food, etc., including all computers breaking down, etc. All’s required is simple Smart Mobile phone and laptop comp. repaired. Will “attempt” to request (again) via email list. (Remember, guided hurricane Irene “into” Wash. D.C. late Aug, passed “judgment” on entire global economy AND Internet (at ‘end of the days’) since Sept. 21, 2011, with corresponding crashes in markets AND Wall Street riots (ALL while I “gave away everything” personally to charity and homeless, self going hungry, even after 7-8 MONTHS of deliberate fasting — now too weak physically to work, so do NOT say “get a job, you lazy bum!” If you say such a thing you will NOT understand the magnitude of that which has been taking place here recently.).

“Seven Seals” of future “failure” option placed strategically at Lassen Ave. Catholic Church, Sept. 21, Chico, CA. EVERYTHING now since Sept. 21 to October 28, hour-by-hour timed to Divine Will ONLY (NOT possible to “work” in sense of being able to hold down scheduled “job,” to make money to even be self-supporting, also now being mentally, intellectually and angelically and “Divinely controlled” and set-up with social “scenarios” and/or “situations” in Churches with priests, pastors, homeless, strangers AND real angels (often disguised as “regular humans”) based on 15-minute intervals (:45 to :00, then :00 to :05, then :05 to :20 perfectly planned from Divine Mind, ALL of which is “impossibly” coordinated after EACH AND EVERY SINGLE HOUR.


“Miracles” or timed “signs and wonders” including the divinely arranged miraculous meetings, all “miraculously” orchestrated WITHOUT verbal OR written instructions, calendars, schedules OR formal appointments precisely between these hourly times. The timing of these “arranged meetings” occurring several times each day around town is SO EXACTLY timed — to the minute, and now even SECOND — that it is simply IMPOSSIBLE to be anything OTHER than a vast, PERFECTLY planned divine “conspiracy” of which I am now conscious of being “set up” to be “perfectly fulfilled” as Daniel’s “rising for his reward at the end of the days” (Daniel 12:13) as now incarnating Ancient of Days (officially now since May 2011 with “predicted” (or, prophesied) radical alteration of weather — every day — for THREE continuous weeks ending with violent tornadoes over Chico, CA. October 5th, 2011.


Local weather altered by me and the angels almost daily — HOURLY AND MINUTE — to suit placement for guidance of divine duties with “signs and wonders being showed to MANY, MANY (so there are many witnesess. Most important including Biblical “Tempest” of 4-inch layer of hail Oct. 5, 2011 over Chico CA WITH violent lightning strikes, tornado etc. EXACTLY at the :20 after the hour timing start time (TO THE MINUTE AND SECOND) in my presence at bus stop, 4:20 to 6:20 PM, Pillsbury Rd. in front of Butte Bible Fellowship (Glenn Cheney, pastor). 4:20 happens to be a number of marijuana legalization, 4-20 Hitler’s birthday and more — research it! Showing constant miraculous “signs and wonders” daily & hourly to many, many people including pastors and priests involving these impossibly precisely timed periods, with weather alterations according to Daniel’s presence guiding around town with angle of Sun (Son of God) cloud formations (really, angelic formations, changing every 5 minutes) and following cardinal points of compass, direction of stars and sun. Word spreading rapidly locally around Chico, CA of Daniel’s angelic end time Mayan & Bible 2012-related message and “miracles” God allowing routinely. Including attacked by five dogs in one DAY, divinely protected EACH time. BUT no simple mobile phone access or reg. computer access to document on daily basis or to help teach world and 3,000 Twitter followers!


Why has something SO simple been SO difficult to solve? It has been WEEKS now of little to NO phone OR Internet access! (This written at Holiday Inn computer, 60 min walk from home! No car even!) IF merely had mobile phone could earn money with strangers doing mobile YouTube videos, however, NO ONE even willing to support basic start-up cost (as in, a simple SMALL loan, as “investment” with blessing and repayment assured! NOT EVEN THAT granted OR permitted, yet! AND on top of that, year’s long webmaster(Neil) abandoning his duties just when needed MOST.) If world “wants” Daniel to teach and document dramatic & historic events continually taking place now, in world and “through” me in real life, including real men-in-black appearing, surrounding residence 5-6 TIMES in one week, would need $ assistance.

IF no one even cares, and cannot even look to Daniel to help with these basic costs while undergoing rigorous testing, judgment and temptation period involving these Divinely-ordered “duties” around town, etc. then world really DOES “deserve” the Seven Seal Wrath Scenario of Book of Revelation (instead of FULL ASCENSION of earth, 2012-related, as it seems a couple hundred dollar$ seems to be more important to most greedy, worldly-minded people than a MASS DIE-OFF of 30% death and destruction, famine, hail, tempest, plagues and angelic VIALS of WRATH scenario God WILL issue as it seems the world is very DESERVING of — BUT — THEY (humans spilling the blood of the prophets such as Daniel, Jesus, the apostles, etc.) are and would be responsible for completely REJECTING Daniel of the Bible himself at the end of the age, and genuine TRUE prophet, incarnated winged “messenger” or angel, only wanting to help and to bring about the ascension of Planet Earth, being a messenger of light and truth, having “overcome” his own “dark demons” of past human creation in “nick of time” for 2012 end-of-time situation… (For any understanding soul out there willing to assist or FIND someone willing to assist, one “may” try PayPal but there may not be allowed at present donations via this method.


If so, one may send urgent mail to World Peace Prayer Vision (.org) C/O Daniel Eli 1059 East Ave., Apt. #10, Chico, CA. 95926. This is NOT some “scam” but a real and true and now desperate global situation unfolding, rivaling any Hollywood fictional “conspiracy” blockbuster, yet this time, it is all REAL, all non-fictional and TRUE and actually happening in real-life, with NO ONE to trust in (except seemingly, God and the angels alone) or to help!


Any help, even from a complete & anonymous stranger will NOT go unnoticed. And, “do not be afraid!”) Sincerely, messenger of Truth and love and light, now purified back to “perfection,” but with no one to rely on but God – and maybe YOU, Daniel Eli … P.S. Even my old friend and webmaster Neil has given up and can no longer do the divine mission. I am all alone (like Daniel of Old, Ironically – Dare to be Daniel, dare to stand alone!) If not even ONE person on this planet can help support the basic costs of repaired computer and access to smart phone, then world REALLY is “in trouble” and the wrath of God abide upon them … But, most will “not believe” until the great 7 angelic seals are opened. The October 5th hail, tornadoes and lightning over Chico, CA was a “first warning” to those orthodox religious types who are DENYING and REJECTING Daniel and his message of truth with CLOSED-MINDED IGNORANCE and judgmental hostility.

P.S. #2 If the world cannot even afford $300 or $500 for an important historical Messianic figure from the Bible itself at the “end of the days” (Dan. 12:13) and “prefers” vast, damaging hail storms over a peaceful California city which in return damage to the tune of $hundreds of thousands of dollars of broken plants and windshields, etc. then “may the wrath of God be upon the world henceforth” … Woe to you world who kills the prophets who are sent to you!!! To those who have been a support, bless you, for your reward shall BE GREAT! Blessings to those who DO “Love God and the angels…”


However, WOE to those who continually reject. It is not “Daniel” who is “making threats” this time, it is GOD HIMSELF. Who are YOU to question God??? Daniel Eli … BTW, the weather was altered all night and all day yesterday around town to “suit” Daniel’s placement in Chico, CA. Do not believe me? Why? I have always TOLD THE TRUTH about everything I have ever done, good OR bad.

I ONLY “want” goodness and PURITY and even PERFECTION from YOU and myself and from others henceforth. NOT “evil.” —- Until next time,
P.S. One “may” try phoning land-line at: 530-891-6882 but right now, no phone! Wait! Or, just MAIL! Or, just Paypal me! (Go here to donate: Cannot “hurt” to help a “poor prophet” huh?

P.S. One “may” try phoning land-line at: 530-891-6882 but right now, no phone!  Wait! Or, just MAIL! Or, just Paypal me! Cannot “hurt” to help a “poor prophet” huh?


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