God’s Time

Dramatic events taking place, real-life end-time conspiracy, past 40 days, Sept 21, 2011 to October 28, 2011

Daniel the prophet/messenger/”angel”

NO ONE has assisted in even the slightest, and when attempt to ask people, God’s angels STOP and prevent me from obtaining a dime, at least thus far. I had to GIVE away everything (ALL coins, food, etc., including all computers breaking down, etc. All I need is simple Smart Mobile phone and laptop comp. repaired. Will “attempt” to request (again) via email list.

(Remember, guided hurricane Irene “into” Wash. D.C. late Aug, passed “judgment” on entire global economy AND Internet (at ‘end of the days’) since Sept. 21, 2011, with corresponding crashes in markets AND Wall Street riots (ALL while I “gave away everything” personally to charity and homeless, self going hungry, even after 7-8 MONTHS of deliberate fasting — now too weak physically to work, so do NOT say “get a job, you lazy bum!” If you say such a thing you  will NOT understand the magnitude of that which has been taking place here recently.).

“Seven Seals” of future “failure” option placed strategically at Lassen Ave. Catholic Church, Sept. 21, Chico, CA. EVERYTHING now since Sept. 21 to October 28, hour-by-hour timed to Divine Will ONLY (NOT possible to “work” in sense of being able to hold down scheduled “job,” to make money to even be self-supporting, also now being mentally, intellectually and angelically and “Divinely controlled” and set-up with social “scenarios” and/or “situations” in Churches with priests, pastors, homeless, strangers AND real angels (often disguised as “regular humans”) based on 15-minute intervals (:45 to :00, then :00 to :05, then :05 to :20 perfectly planned from Divine Mind, ALL of which is “impossibly” coordinated after EACH AND EVERY SINGLE HOUR. “Miracles” or timed “signs and wonders” including the divinely arranged miraculous meetings, all “miraculously” orchestrated WITHOUT verbal OR written instructions, calendars, schedules OR formal appointments precisely between these hourly times. The timing of these “arranged meetings” occurring several times each day around town is SO EXACTLY timed — to the minute, and now even SECOND — that it is simply IMPOSSIBLE to be anything OTHER than a vast, PERFECTLY planned divine “conspiracy” of which I am now conscious of being “set up” to be “perfectly fulfilled” as Daniel’s “rising for his reward at the end of the days” (Daniel 12:13) as now incarnating Ancient of Days (officially now since May 2011 with “predicted” (or, prophesied) radical alteration of weather — every day — for THREE continuous weeks ending with violent tornadoes over Chico, CA.)

Local weather altered by me and “my” angels almost daily to suit placement. Most important including Biblical “Tempest” of 4-inch layer of hail Oct. 5, 2011 over Chico WITH violent lightning strikes, tornado etc. EXACTLY at the :20 after the hour timing start time (TO THE MINUTE AND SECOND) in my presence at bus stop, 6:20 PM, Pillsbury Rd. in front of Butte Bible Fellowship (Glenn Cheney, pastor).

Showing constant miraculous “signs and wonders” daily & hourly to many, many people including pastors and priests involving these impossibly precise time frames, with weather alterations according to Daniel’s presence guiding around town with angle of Sun (Son of God) cloud formations (really, angelic formations, changing every 5 minutes) and following cardinal points of compass, direction of stars and sun. Word spreading rapidly locally around Chico, CA of Daniel’s angelic end time Mayan & Bible 2012-related message and “miracles” God allowing routinely. Including attacked by five dogs in one DAY, divinely protected EACH time.

BUT no simple mobile phone access or reg. computer access to document on daily basis!

It has been WEEKS now! (This written at Holiday Inn computer, 60 min walk from home! No car even!)

IF merely had mobile phone could earn money with strangers doing mobile YouTube videos, however, NO ONE even willing to support basic start-up cost (as in, a simple SMALL loan, as “investment” with blessing and repayment assured! NOT EVEN THAT granted OR permitted, yet!)

If world “wants” Daniel to teach and document dramatic & historic events continually taking place now, in world and “through” me in real life, including real men-in-black appearing, surrounding residence 5-6 TIMES in one week, would need $ assistance. IF no one even cares, and cannot even look to Daniel to help with these basic costs while undergoing rigorous testing, judgment and temptation period involving these Divinely-ordered “duties” around town, etc. then world really DOES “deserve” the Seven Seal Scenario of Book of Revelation, as it seems a couple hundred dollar$ seems to be more important to most greedy, worldly-minded people than a MASS DIE-OFF of 30% death and destruction, famine, hail, tempest, plagues and angelic VIALS of WRATH scenario God WILL issue as it seems the world is very DESERVING of — BUT — THEY (humans spilling the blood of the prophets such as Daniel, Jesus, the apostles, etc.) are and would be responsible for completely REJECTING Daniel of the Bible himself at the end of the age, and genuine TRUE prophet, incarnated winged “messenger” or angel, only wanting to help and to bring about the ascension of Planet Earth, being a messenger of light and truth, having “overcome” his own “dark demons” of past human creation in “nick of time” for 2012 end-of-time situation…

UPDATE: PayPal no accepted again, click here to donate via PayPal! This is NOT some “scam” but a real and true and now desperate global situation unfolding, rivaling any Hollywood fictional “conspiracy” blockbuster, yet this time, it is all REAL, all non-fictional and TRUE and actually happening in real-life, with NO ONE to trust in (except seemingly, God and the angels alone) or to help! Any help, even from a complete & anonymous stranger will NOT go unnoticed. And, “do not be afraid!”)

Sincerely, messenger of Truth and love and light, now purified back to “perfection,” but with no one to rely on but God – and maybe YOU,

Daniel Eli …


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  1. Last stern WARNING to the world, as posted on the Twitter account: If NO ONE whatsoever can assist with dilemma, then it appears the world “wants” and deserves the Seven Seal wrath of God Revelation scenario (you know, 7 vials, seven angels, plagues, 30% death and destruction, etc.) instead of a more pleasant 2012 ascension/judgment/end involving ALL earthlings.

    Choice is yours.

    IF you want to see daniel teach and restore regulat public writings/teaching on Twitter (World_Peace777) and this website and Final Book of Daniel website (http://finalbookofdaniel.com), Youtube Channel (MrDanieltheprophet) and World Peace Prayer Vision (.org) instead of “giving up on the world” and opening these seven seals, etc. then you may be a blessed one to help, with costs to obtain a simple Smart Phone. (Right now NO landline, NO mobile, and NO working computer.

    IF one not “trusting” of Paypal, send Daniel a letter immediately (No reg. email right now, months backlogged at present in responding while undergoing rigorous testing/temptation/ascension/fasting/judgment upon entire planet occurring since May 2011, new scenario Sept. 21, 2011 to NOW… 1059 East Ave. Apt # 10 World Peace Prayer Vision.org).

    If you want to talk with Daniel today, leave message @ neighbor’s PH. DO NOT pull crank calls; this man is an innocent neighbor: Call Wayde 530-354-0586 (# only for next day or two) and you are one who needs “confirmation” of continuous “miracles” taking place around and “above” Mission Villa Apts., Chico CA. in Daniel’s presence, with even the “heavens being opened” with continually altering clouds above guiding me and others, showing “signs” that are unmistakenly Divine in origin, before talking with Daniel about how you may assist, talk to him. I have not coerced him to say anything untrue.

    He has seen MUCH indeed, especially Daniel’s and God’s angelic alteration of weather day-in and day-out over Chico, CA. including October 5 (6:20 PM) BIblical end-time sign of HAIL, LIGHTNING & TORNADO as WARNING that Daniel — and God — is ANGRY with complete LACK of help and rejection by most, DESPITE such blatantly obvious miraculous signs by God issued to “prove” validity of true prophethood of this author.

    If you need further “proof” of these impeccably timed “miracles,” occurring :20 after EACH hour in EVERYONE’S presence, contact Ron Zimmerman, East Ave. Community Church, 530-342-1806 OR Priest Richard, Episcopalian Church Floral Ave. Chico CA, or Glenn Cheney (pastor) Butte Bible fellowship, Pillsburry RD. Chico, CA. Ask them about the 6;20 Oct. 5 hailstorm, which “I” (Daniel & Ancient of Days) started for obvious sign to show world something profound.

    If you need further “proof then contact B-line locl bus line, ask for Rick and Bill, talk to them about “Daniel the Ange” getting on busses on a system which is all coordinated by Divine plan and Will to “coincidently” coincide to :20 after each hour when I am on the bus or leaving or getting on bus!!!

    (The postal truck even arrives @ 12:20 P.M. to my residence! This goes on and on!)

    Why is not anyone willing to sacrifice for God’s (Daniel & Ancient of Days, & Son of God, Jesus of which I am now “One” with, capable of staring into direct Sun light for hours) sake?

    It cannot be THAT difficult, can it be? Why would you NOT support a critaclly important & truly historic messenger like Daniel with something so critically needed?

    Can you afford NOT to help?

    Not helping may result in vast PAIN for entire planet…

    Thank you and God bless, Daniel Eli — genuine reincarnated, and winged Bible messenger messenger wanting to tell story to the world, yet with NO technology to do so and with no one seemingly willing to assist! Will you do the right thing?!

    P.S. Soon God will allow me to appear on Coast to Coast AM to describe story. All true and real as can be.

    God himself will arrange the time you and I talk.

    Do not be afraid!

    P.S. #2: Remember: Thos who receive a prophet receive a prophet’s reward. Those who reject and falsely accuse WILL receive the wrath of God “perhaps” poured out upon them, especially those who IMAGINE they are of God, but are of the “Devil.”

    However, again, if you ARE of God, “Ye need not fear!” Right?

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