What is Christ-consciousness? You too can attain to it!

First and foremost, the term “Christ” is not the “last name” for the Jesus documented in Bible. Nor does the term mean “Messiah.” Rather, it is a title meaning “anointed one.” Jesus, after the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the 40-day temptation in the wilderness, according to the New Testament, reached a state of being and existence today called “Christ consciousness.

There exists a state of being, awareness and “consciousness” in modern day spiritual circles such as “New Thought” termed “Christ consciousness,” which is a Christian term to describe the state of the persona of the Jesus of the Bible and what he attained to two millennia ago.

This exalted state of conscious existence is a full self-knowing of the divine identity within and is how Jesus was able to state, “The Father and I are one.”

Now, logic states, at least in the world of dualism, that if there is a Christ consciousnes, there may also be an anti-Christ consciousness. According to this e-zine article by Glen Russell, it is the following:

The anti-christ consciousness is a state of mind of “believing” you are separate from all others and / or God; it is a belief that we are not parts of the One Body of God, and acting in a separatist way, that includes being arrogant to others, prejudiced to others, violence and disrespectful to others, feeling superior and elitist towards others, and judging and condemning others in thought, word, and action. The anti-christ consciousness is rife on planet Earth and is strongly present to some degree in most people on Earth.

Does that sound like a depressing assessment of humanity? The good news is, nobody is stuck for the rest of his life against his will in such negative attitudes, thoughts, and deeds.

The Christ-consciousness mindset is attainable through personal self-mastery, forgoing attachment – which is spiritual ignorance – centering of the chakras and unity of body, mind and soul. It requires a systematic loss of fear, internal and external divine justice, truth discernment, child-like simplicity, innocence, honesty and love of truth, peace-lovingness, understanding, non-judgmentalism, non-violence or aggression and a profound humility requiring a loss or reduction of “ego.”

Contrary to what many conservative Christians believe, this state of being is NOT limited to Jesus alone, for it is something the typical human can also attain to, and no, it is not “blasphemous” or heretical to suggest we also can achieve Oneness with the Creator.

Many of the early Gnostic gospels and texts – deliberately excluded from the canon of the Bible – suggest we too can become a Christ in the flesh. This is illustrated by Jesus’ words according to the gospel of Thomas:

“He who drinks from my mouth shall become like me, and I shall become that person, and the hidden things will be revealed to him.”

Naturally, reaching this state of existence and be-ing takes much toil, effort, meditation and internal spiritual self-growth and self-discovery. It can involve a process lasting many years over the course of an entire lifetime and requires much more than mere blind faith. Therefore do as Jesus taught and “walk the narrow path that leads to Life,” which few find. Stay away from the religion of the common man, the path most people walk, which is completely unnecessary and leads to “destruction.”

This consciousness is something any human can attain to as well, and Jesus the Christ was a Way shower and pattern for the sons of men to BE-come or emulate. It is above and beyond all religions and is not limited only to those who label themselves “Christian.” This author uses the term with the understanding that most readers of this material with have some Christian background or Biblical knowledge.

One of our most important goals in life is to “awaken” our superconscious mind to attain what Edgar Cayce, 20th century prophet, called “at-one-ment” with God. It is God’s desire for all of humanity to become “Christs.”

In fact, according to Edgar Cayce’s trance interpretation of the book of Revelation of the Bible, he suggests that the so-called “second coming” is actually the coming of the Christ within anyone who attains to or rises to this level. The “kingdom” is not a future political system ruled by a savior Jesus figure, since the symbolic, prophetic portions of Revelation have long since been fulfilled.

Such a state of existence and consciousness is labeled differently throughout the various cultures and religions. It basically is the same as “God-consciousness” or “Buddhic-consciousness” or the “Super-consciousness” of Indian yoga. In terms of Eastern Yoga teachings this can also mean “Union” with the divine essence within.

This Christ-consciousness is usually associated with exceptional control over one’s mind and will, intellectual and moral enlightenment, and profound personal growth.

With the coming of this state of being and awareness, there is usually an epiphany or mystical experience with what can be termed God the Creator. This can involve an immersion into the blinding glory and Light of the divine, ecstasy or bliss and heightened state of awareness.

The awakening of the kundalini is often attributed to Christ/Buddhic/God consciousness, meaning all the seven main chakras, or energy centers of the body, awaken in full bloom. The seven seals, seven churches, etc., mentioned in Revelation ere actually symbolically referring to the seven main chakras of the human body.

This divine power, bliss and consciousness can be awakened through “kundalini yoga” meditation. Kundalini  is the energy of the cosmos within each individual, the emanation of infinity and the awareness of the higher self.

In this prophet’s declaration, the kundalini is the most powerful force in the universe within the individual and may actually be the female or Mother atrribute of God, or Holy Ghost in Christian or Biblical terms.

Kundalini is the origin of all spiritual experiences, psychic abilities, visions and prophecy and ability to perform the “miraculous” signs and wonders, also known as the gifts of the Spirit, discussed in the Holy Bible.

Often, awakening to Christ or God consciousness involves what can be termed “liberation” from the wheels of karma, which in Buddhism is known as Nirvana, where the need for further reincarnations on Planet Earth is negated, allowing the soul to ascend beyond into the higher dimensions or heavenly realms after death or ascension.

Ascended incarnated angels such as myself act in accordance with “Christ-consciousness” at all times and can be also considered to be Christened (anointed) “begotten,” trinitized Sons of God.

They exhibit qualities such as unconditional love, patience, tolerance, and kindness, and are at peace with themselves, the universe, divine Presence, other humans and the world around them. This state also involves an elimination of all traces of self “delusion” and false attitudes about self, other humans or perceptions of the world and universe, leaving only pure “sanity,” clarity of mind, rational common sense and ability to properly discern Truth.

Christ conscious individuals have usually reached a state of what Hindus and Yogis call “Samadhi,” which is an all-pervasive union with the Oneness of the Creator and divine essence, which can be described loosely as a “Force” or all-consuming “energy” permeating the entire body, mind and spirit connection. Many of the Hebrew prophets experienced this samadhi when writing their scriptural texts that were included in works like the Holy Bible, when saying “thus saith the Lord.”

Contrary to what most Christian believers are taught, God is not “separate” from anyone. God is omnipresent and resides within all life forms, including within you. It is merely the illusion of separateness that keeps us from awakening the Christ within, often based on erroneous teachings and concepts of “sin” as taught by mainstream churches, pastors and priests. Most Christians somehow ignore, deny or misunderstand Jesus’ critical statement,

“The kingdom of God is within you.”

Jesus, according to the gospel of John, was capable of proclaiming “The Father and I are one.” He was capable of saying this because he attained to “at-Oneness” with the Father essence of Creator as well as with what can be termed the Holy Spirit.

Samadhi is a state where the mind becomes still, one-pointed or concentrated, immersed in an all-knowingness about Self. This is a very difficult sensation to describe, but for me it can feel like fiery heat and reverberations throughout the body, often of a feeling of total purity and a “cold,” flowing, liquid light.

It truly is a state of absolute “be-ingness” to be immersed in the all-consuming, ethereal, eternal divine essence. This all-consuming “Force” is actually omnipresent, and can be tapped into by any human, often requiring much meditation, concentration and contemplation and perfect attunement or alignment to divine will and personality, which for most can take years of daily, dedicated practice.

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