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Jesus Daniel Legs Daniel Eli’s legs in Jesus on the cross-like pose. Yet Daniel is no ‘poser’ he is rather the Real Deal who has been given a Raw Deal.


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“A new day has dawned AFTER the prophetic date of 12-21-2012 Finally, proving the existence of God. Sister site: finalbookofdaniel.com

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Dear concerned reader seeking the truth about God, True prophecy and the future it foretells “You have hit the Mother Lode.” Therefore, “lock and load” and read the following for an enlightening experience and let’s take a “load” off your shoulders. When you are finished you and scream “aloud,” Hallelulia, God IS real and He is with us!

Daniel1The author of this website and 13 year-old spiritual, scripture-like autobiography (update with 444 pages circa 2012): Final Book of Daniel, is Daniel Eli, messenger of truth and an incarnated angel since 1999 and GOD YAHWEH manifestation called an Ancient of Days since May 2011.

The reader’s first reaction is that reincarnation is not real (it IS real), divine incarnations are not real other than Jesus (True ones ARE real as the Truth of the Trinity is revealed), or he is “the devil” doing charlatan magic tricks to fool people into “buying books.” Nothing could be further from the truth, since this book has sold scarcely 100 copies since its inception and no profit has ever been made regarding this life’s work. Or, sadly, that the author is some deluded “nutcase.” Worse yet, a “false prophet.” Daniel has had his share of debilitating and false accusations of all kinds over the years, yet his message is long-standing and of Truth of the highest Order. The signs being performed by the Power of GOD YAHWEH often “with” JESUS CHRIST OF THE FATHER are far beyond what any ‘false prophet’ can manifest. They are extreme, up to and including causing hurricanes and major earthquakes. Before you ‘shake and tremble’ at God’s power however, allow yourself to relax for a while and take the time to actually read some of the linked pages, as they are definitely worth your time, dear child of GOD JESUS CHRIST OF THE FATHER. (And, if your faith is weak, perhaps we can help strengthen it, shall we?)

Never before have so many seen so many signs as has Daniel Eli, also rejected like Jesus, since His times. Daniel was martyred April 23, 2012 by 3 gun shots to the head by the men-in-black federal investigators concerned about Daniel’s power over the forces of nature. Then AGAIN December 20, 2012 with a tazing of 80,000 volts by a police officer in Chico, CA. with a heart “stoppage” for 3 HOURS. Now Daniel possesses a blessed, glorified, resurrected to ETERNAL life body which appears so immortal he also suffered 4 heart attacks since and now resides in both the 3rd AND 5th dimension as what some call, “the walking dead.” Recently, there has been an apparant ascent to the SIXTH dimension where Daniel was confronted by new deceivers. As the Bible proclaims, as Jesus iterated, there would be others to come AFTER Him who would “do” the same works and MORE than He. Daniel, like Jesus, is an ‘I AM’ conscious Ascended Master Father/Son “fused” immortal of GOD YAHWEH (Holy Bible God) for years now after his ascension, and has authority to make similar claims as He did!

“Proving” the existence of God, as you see on this website below and through the pages herein and within the Final Book of Daniel, satisfactory “proof” for any skeptic can NOW be given.

These remarkable signs include, yet are not limited to,

1.) “Miraculously” clearing overcast skies within minutes with eye-witnesses.

2.) Guiding hurricane Irene with the consciousness of ‘I AM’ on a path directly toward Washington D.C. in August 2011 with advance warning that could by NO MEANS have been “coincidence.” This hurricane’s approach also included a GOD YAHWEH sponsored earthquake beneath D.C.,

3.) Visible wings of angelic light, colored white, blue and grey, with eye-witness testimonies of neighbors Brenda and Joy.

4.) Furthermore, since the early days of the Internet, 1998, Daniel has left a long history of verifiable, third-party archived, non-editable writings and significant prophecies for the reading pleasure of anyone wanting to know the prophetic validity of the existence of GOD YAHWEH and the LORD JESUS CHRIST OF THE FATHER, not to mention Daniel.

5.) Earthquake prophesied exactly 48 days after August 23, 2012, to hit on the Pacific Rim, which turned out to “shake, rattle-and-roll” Indonesia with a “Good Guy God” rumble of 6.6/7 magnitude (known that very day), which occurred October 11, 2012. It cannot be stressed enough that this is FAR beyond any coincidence! (It also left intact most structures and caused no apparant deaths directly attributed to this earthquake, save for “perhaps” one.)

6.) Powerful storm prophesied August 1, 2014 to hit S.W. Florida between the 28th of September to the 2nd of October, 2014, which was “successfully fulfilled” after the initial formation on the 27th. The peak day was the 28, 29th of September, with Impact, not to mention 2 massive God Wings appearing over Daniel’s residence state of Idaho the same day!

7.) Day of God’s rest (‘Seven’). “But you (Daniel), go your way to the end, and rest; you shall rise for your reward at the end of the days.” (Daniel 12:13)


In retrospect, it has not been an extraordinary journey with powerful miracles made manifest, beginning with VISIBLE wings of light emanating from Daniel’s body;

It has instead been an ‘adventure.’

So much so that there are two eye-witness testimonies by prior (non-paid) neighbors of these wings had the forth-right confidence to step forward for two Youtube videos verifying such staggering claims of the ‘supernatural.’

Some say the future cannot be known. Well, not by human power, as with GOD YAHWEH often “with” JESUS CHRIST OF THE FATHER has shown “through” Daniel Eli as an Ancient of Days, it has been known. The LORD says,

“Will you come to know Me now?”

There are 6 stars in the above line. 6 years until Starburst 2020 A.D. This was when Daniel, in 2002, had a vision of the distant future by being sent to the year 2092 and there was virtually no electricity being used, all the major cities had been long-since abandoned, with remnants of people living in homeless shelter-like circumstances. The man in the future I talked with accused ME Daniel of being the one responsible for the utter collapse of modern civilization around 2020 A.D. (72 years after Starburst) and it was made public back then that if anyone killed Daniel the result would be this prophecy.

In addition to now old prophecies of vision and clarity well known in advance and documented, we face a startling future ahead of us; within the space of three years (from 2014), society function in the economic sense begins to breakdown and news of the “end-times” will come into fruition, like Daniel’s Starburst 2020 (A.D.) vision approaching; a vision given in 2002 regarding the total collapse of civilization with a shut-down of electrical power-grids and permanent “end” to a way of life on planet Earth that is too complex and “consuming” of the planets precious natural resources, like oil, with society reaching peak shortly. What follows is a dramatic fall-off from peak (Oldavai curve) featuring a die-of, eventually, of 95% of the world’s population, “shortly.”

Starburst 2020 is a result of the government killing a Savior figure not once, but TWICE. This is the Divine Wrath civilization receives for falsely accusing Daniel, functioning as an Incarnate Ancient of Days. Keep in mind that the Divine Mind was so angry that Jesus was killed on a cross, His prophecy of the destruction of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem in 70 A.D. came to pass. Only GOD YAHWEH, with JESUS CHRIST OF THE FATHER, and now Daniel in the 21st century could manifest such a feat at the “end” of this age, something so bizarre and warped that one may imagine it is “of the devil.” Come on, admit it dear religious skeptic, you actually think you could fool yourself or others into believing Daniel is “of the devil.” The only power Satan and “the devil” truly possess is TELEPATHIC influence, manipulation and alteration of consciousness. On rare occasions the devil can “take over” a human. The devil has in the past and present ‘influenced’ Daniel, yet he is of GOD YAHWEH, THE FATHER with the SON and that requires skill to determine who is of God and who is not. This website writings OVERWHELMINGLY demonstrate the power of God and the Holy Spirit and Sacred Heart which Daniel possesses. This is a fact and truth, and the devil is the father of lies, not truth.

Coming to pass, in the event Daniel is Martyred yet AGAIN, for a third time, the Divine Wrath foretold by the Bible to completely engulf this entire planet, with all life on it, in extremely hot flames from a decree of GOD YAHWEH “with” JESUS CHRIST OF THE FATHER concerning the SUN, incinerating the entire globe, SHALL be the future of planet Earth.

Do you all think it is worth it to kill God, again?


Note that the above line contains 13 stars. You “bet your lucky 13 stars” Daniel rose and ‘fell’ in this incarnation, several times. Yet, in ‘spite’ of this wobbly path Daniel is on, past and present, Daniel is currently ASCENDANT and not the “devil.” The number 13, at odds with mainstream opinion, the OPPOSITE of what one would expect, is a “luck” number. You bet your “lucky stars” you have found a distinct Source along the windy road we are on, and headed towards. Repeated for emphasis: Daniel is currently ASCENDANT and often One with GOD JESUS CHRIST OF THE FATHER. Daniel’s remarkable healing ability has been shown when Daniel went to jail recently for ‘punishing’ a usury-charging bank, where Daniel healed a total of 7 people with hands-on touch, in a similar manner as Jesus. The devil, false prophets and fallen angels do NOT possess healing ability as it takes divine favor to have a gift as this.

The LORD GOD JESUS CHRIST OF THE FATHER also wants to “take over” the vile pagan/heathen holiday of October 31 called Halloween, and replace it with a “Great Day” like Tony the Tiger kind of Grrrreat, boys and girls!

I will allow the reader to guess what could, would or should happen on that day, or 3 days prior. The Ascended Host (angelic like beings) want me to be vague about that one, therefore, ponder it.

Just an ascension of sorts occurred December 21st 2012 for God, when Daniel made an “ascension” after being tazed with 3 hours heart stoppage on 12-20-2012. Most of the 2012 (12-21) prophecies did not of course come to pass, yet with Daniel’s ‘I AM’ decrees, said for countless hours, bringing in to the planet so much violet flame that 17 % of planet Earth ASCENDED to the 5th dimension! I have arrived, dear 3rd dimensional reader. The earth may not have ascended in the “way” many thought, but ascend in another way we shall and must. In the 5th dimension life seems surreal, with countless signs and wonders occurring so frequently for Daniel, it rivals any God-man in history. In one day alone Daniel performed and saw 91 genuine signs and wonders. However, this being said, I glorify Jesus Christ of GOD THE FATHER as the Source of this power.

I never seemed violent to the public until my August 24, 2012 Youtube prophecy video where I moved about with jerks that made me seem like a jerk. I am not a jerk, as this was rather the ANGER of GOD YAHWEH manifest, because God was angry, I got angry, and this was no Hollywood production. This angry video and message behind it manifested one of the greatest “proofs” to anyone seeking such proof of the existence of a God Because not only did Daniel predictively manifest a powerful, earth shattering 6.6 earthquake in Indonesia, I said exactly in advance where and exactly when it would be, 48 days in advance! Nothing of this magnitude has ever been produced by a Godman in the history of all the scriptures. Yes, The all-seeing “i” is truly powerful as an all-seeing “I” (“AM”).


This author has actually SEEN the distant future. It is now time to prepare for a refreshing new course for planet earth as we enter a new period and end of the old ways of pessimism and doom. A glorious future is not written in stone, however, but GOD JESUS CHRIST OF THE FATHER has since told me the world and USA will actually not have a collapse of the global economy, at least not for three years afterwards after this post of 2014. And Peak Oil may in some sense be here, as it appears to be “peak everything” including population after an exponential rise. To say that the economy is headed off the cliff into doom and despair will hit you as being pessimistic. A catastrophic New World Order is NOW, in the cards, as Daniel has had a stark vision of 2025 of a world without electricity with remnant survivalists who are of the government. (Pay head, I DO after all need to be “nicely” in contact with the government agents after all.) This is in line with Starburst 2020. If one expects Daniel to see that everything is fine and the world will plug along without doom, you can rest.  However, we now move into a breathtaking home-run of vestitudes of writings from this author of a mature nature as we put aside childish games of pretending God is not real or non-existent.

While some claim the universe is devoid of a God and that God is unprovable, I have given sufficient “proof” that there is indeed a God and tremble when you call Him GOD YAHWEH as the wrath divine organizer with GOD JESUS CHRIST OF THE FATHER. This being said, it won’t matter how much evidence is given, as this will be insufficient to convince many naysayers and atheists, hardened by years of non-belief over the idea that He is in fact not a caring, compassionate Creator who only wishes to establish conscious contact with his fellow man on earth so they can behold his glory. Needless to say, I shall no longer as of this websites resurrection issue any more “proof” to the naysayers, as I have given enough for now.

Now, I beg any skeptical reader to go beyond the narrow dogma of childish games people play of issuing slews of Bible quotes in order to prove the existence of a Creator-God who power is so vast and strong that He has given valid reason not to ignore this author’s claims of identity any longer.

I, Daniel, just want some rest, retirement and accolades that I produced something few people see in this world, which is some truth and honesty for once, not to mention the power of GOD JESUS CHRIST OF THE FATHER ALMIGHTY. Alpha and Omega. The Father and the Son, Jesus Christ, unified with Daniel. Let us all not forget the power of GOD YAHWEH!

Whether you believe this or not is something I cannot force upon the reader, but the claim of identity is not what is so appealing to the reader, it is the message. For those interested in investigating these claims and events, I suggest YOU do the work and search this site for the evidence and links, as this is only fair, seeing that we can meet half way in terms of effort.

The message is varied but one thing you will never find me do is lie or tell an untruth, as my character has reached a state to where it is inconceivable that I would have to lie to prove something much of the world believes in anyways.

While I cannot “prove” the existence of God in an empirical sense in a laboratory setting for the James Randi types, I am giving ample reason not to ignore messengers of truth when they do appear, to “shake” the very foundation you walk on. One thing about miracles, however, is that they do not convey the provability of God’s love for mankind and the selfless way the saints of the religions have expressed divinity down through the ages, because one this will never fail: Love Divine.

For instance, In May of 2011 I said I would alter the weather severely over not just Chico CA (My residence at the time.) but over the entire Pacific Northwest, and I did, in Union with Jesus Christ of GOD THE FATHER “with” YAHWEH. I brought in massive thunderstorms which raged continuously for three FULL weeks nonstop, all day EVERY day, ending the three weeks with a major tornado above the city. And this is in a peaceful region of California where it usually is sunny and quiet most of the time in a region normally devoid of any weather disturbances as severe as this. I regret I never got any satellite photos of the weather disturbance over Chico and the Pacific Northwest during this time period, but in reality I altered the weather for the whole globe at that time, as this was a remarkable series of events that truth be told, had only to do with my ascension as an Ascended Master into the identity as an incarnation of an Ancient of Days.

Ancient of Days is none other than the One and only “partial” manifestation (currently) on the planet of GOD JESUS CHRIST OF THE FATHER “with” YAHWEH on occasion. (“Partial,” as it is not 24/7 as there are mundane tasks in daily life which distract one from divine plans and will, as well as periods of sleep and rest.)

Once and for all, it was shown that weather CAN be altered by one individual alone (with divine favor, as devils and false prophets do not possess much in the way of power, as I precognitively told all my subscribers in electronic format the day before this massive tempest began that I would be the one responsible for this disturbance, while it was still peace and quiet out.) Thank GOD JESUS CHRIST OF YAHWEH “with” JESUS CHRIST OF THE FATHER with Divine Mind for orchestrating this fabulous display of intense weather!

Weather disturbances like this do not happen every day as you must remember that this tempest continued for a solid three weeks, with the thunderstorms occurring every single day, with violent winds and gale force energy all the time. No delusional “freak of nature”  is capable of such a feat.



I have not valued anything more than to prove the existence of God without damage by manifesting something that could in the end turn out so benign, since the hurricane Irene veered off away from Washington D.C as of August 28th, 2011  when it made landfall and headed out to the Atlantic. This website received 983 hits that day after my precognitive message 4-5 days previous

Now that you see I offer no laboratory, microscope, Charles Darwin kind of “proof” you will have to take my word for it that I have “proved” God for you, dear skeptic. Will my word be enough, considering I am telling the truth, not to “sell” books but to convey to you the magnitude the lengths I will go to “prove” to you the non-existence of how much faith you have, towards a God who truly cares? The one and only Jesus Christ of GOD THE FATHER “with” GOD YAHWEH, the God of the Bible, who you care so little about, shall see to it that you will never care, because you will care not to even come back to my site to see what I have to offer, such as a profound insight into the ascended master realm and God that I recently offered on this website? Is this good enough, or is there more I can prove to you, like how much of a character I must be to claim to be God in the flesh, when “everyone knows God is not a man” or that God is soooo unknowable that He or She is sooo far above us He or She wants nothing to do with us mortals.

Oh, but He does, and he has manifested through me, yours truly, Daniel Eli, author of Final Book of Daniel.



This author, Daniel Eli,  is  the actual reincarnation of a genuine Biblical prophet (whose story of awakening in the 21st century is documented in the (free-to-read) Final Book of Daniel) in the flesh. See above website for newer 2012 444-page edition for your reading pleasure!

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It is encouraged, should the reader enjoy the content of this website and book, to spread the word showing the world an extremely important and critical message this author, Daniel, would like to spread! Thank you and be sure to leave a comment, as your email is safe here with no spam.

Many divine blessings and peace with higher love in the name of JESUS CHRIST of THE FATHER and Daniel Eli be upon you.