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Danieltree“A new day has dawned AFTER the prophetic date of 12-21-2012 Proving the existence of God?”

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Dear concerned reader seeking the truth,


Like the song goes, “What if God was one of us; just a slob like one of us, just trying to make his way home?”

I as Daniel Eli, messenger of truth and an incarnate angel since 1999 and an Ancient of Days since May of 2011 have since reorganized this site and updated it for the “closure” of April 2013 since the 12-21-2012 scare has come and gone. I will keep the website open however since I still will write some articles perhaps as an “epilogue” to the whole post-12-21-2012 timeframe. The content will just be thoughts or teachings that may interest the reader, perhaps of a spiritual tone with God in mind, and maybe even “proving” the existence of God, as you see on this page below. In retrospect, it has not been much of a journey, since I very much never alluded to the fact that I never predicted the end of the world for this date, nor has the website ever received hits galore. Just an ascension. The earth may not have ascended in the way many thought, but ascend in another way we shall and must. Truth be told, I have never really discussed this because it would have seemed so unbelievable to the average reader without hardcore evidence, but I was tazed December 20, 2013 by a cop who thought I was resisting arrest and not because I was violent. I never seemed violent to the public until my August 24 Youtube prophecy video where I moved about with jerks that made me seem like a jerk. I am not a jerk, as this was rather the ANGER of God manifest, because God was angry, I got angry, and this was no Hollywood production, as you will see in a moment, as this angry video and message behind it manifested one of the greatest “proofs” to anyone seeking such proof of the existence of a God Because not only did I predictively manifest a powerful, earth shattering 6.6 earthquake in Indonesia, I said exactly in advance where and exactly when it would be! Nothing of this magnitude has ever been produced by a Godman in the history of all the scriptures. And while it may seem like I have an overblown ego for saying so, “I AM” powerful.


This author has actually SEEN the distant future, but this website is NOT a “doomsayer” website after all. It is now time to prepare for a refreshing new course for planet earth as we enter a new period and end of the old ways of pessimism and doom. A glorious future is not written in stone, however, but the Lord Yaweh has since since told me the world and USA will actually not have a collapse of an economy. And Peak Oil may in some sense be here, but its effects won’t arrive for another decade. To say that the economy is headed off the cliff into doom and despair will hit you as being pssimistic and a catastrophic New World Order is not in the cards either, so you can see that everything is fine and the world will plug along without doom, you can rest.  However, this is not a predictive website any longer, as we move into a breathtaking home-run of vestitudes of writings from this author of a mature nature as we put aside childish games of pretending God is not real or non-existent.

While some claim the universe is devoid of a God and that God is unprovable, I have given sufficient “proof” that there is indeed a God, but I’ve found that it wou’t matter how much evidence is given, as this will be insufficient to convince naysayers and atheists, hardened by years of non-belief over the idea that the is in fact not a caring, compassionate Creator who only wishes to establish conscious contact with his fellow man on earth so they can behold his glory. Needless to say, I shall no longer as of this websites resurrection issue any more “proof” to the naysayers, as I have given enough for now.

Now, I beg any skeptical reader to go beyond the narrow dogma of childish games people play of issuing slews of Bible quotes in order to prove the existence of a Creator-God who power is so vast and strong that he has given valid reason not to ignore this author’s claims of identity any longer.

What do I claim? I doesn’t really matter to the average Joe but I am the reincarnation of the figure behind Biblical Daniel, and my real name happens to be Daniel Eli as well in the 21st century. I have written the free-to-read spiritual autobiography called Final Book of Daniel. I do not wish too much self-promotion any longer however, just some rest, retirement and accolades that I produced something few people see in this world, which is some truth and honesty for once.

Whether you believe this or not is something I cannot force upon the reader, but the claim of identity is not what is so appealing to the reader, it is the message. For those interested in investigating these claims and events, I suggest YOU do the work and search this site for the evidence and links, as this is only fair, seeing that we can meet half way in terms of effort.

The message is varied but one thing you will never find me do is lie or tell an untruth, as my character has reached a state to where it is inconceivable that I would have to lie to prove something much of the world believes in anyways.

While I cannot “prove” the existence of God in an empirical sense in a laboratory  I am giving ample reason not to ignore messengers of truth when they do appear, to “shake” the very foundation you walk on. One thing about miracles, however, is that they do not convey the provability of God’s love for mankind and the selfless way the saints of the religions have expressed divinity down through the ages, because one this will never fail: Love Divine.

For instance, In May of 2011 I said I would alter the weather severely over not just Chico CA (My residence at the time.) but over the entire Pacific Northwest, and I did. I brought in massive thunderstorms which raged continuously for three FULL weeks nonstop, ending the three weeks with a major tornado. And this is in a peaceful region of California where it usually is sunny and quiet most of the time in a region normally devoid of any weather disturbances as severe as this. I regret I never got any satellite photos of the weather disturbance over Chico and the Pacific Northwest during this time period, but in reality I altered the weather for the whole globe at that time, as this was a remarkable series of events that truth be told, had only to do with my ascension as an ascended master into the identity as an incarnation of the Ancient of Days demigod. Once and for all, it was shown that weather CAN be altered by one individual alone, as I precognitively told all my subscribers in electronic format the day before this massive tempest began that I would be the one responsible for this disturbance, while it was still peace and quiet out.

Weather disturbances like this do not happen every day as you must remember that this tempest continued for a solid three weeks, with the thunderstorms occurring every single day, with violent winds and gale force energy all the time. No delusional “freak of nature”  is capable of such a feat.



The next miracle of wonder provable to the world at large was not a “sinister” earthquake, but a tempest of a hurricane I deliberately manifested to prove the existence of the reality that I could single-handedly control the forces of the weather by manifesting a category 3 or 4 hurricane, which was later called Irene, and send it directly towards Washigton D.C. without damage to infrastructure of our political landscape. While I did say there was a liklihood of a 3 day tempest over the White House as well, that was not the point altogether. The point was to send a massive hurricane to D.C. with out any forecast telling me of the destination, and manifest it I did, as the historical records indicate, written 4-5 days before landfall to the D.C. region, all instituted by my ascended master “I AM” degrees, which exhibit the power of God. I have not valued anything more than to prove the existence of God without damage by manifesting something that could in the end turn out so benign, since the hurricane veered off away from Washington D.C as of August 28th, 2011  when it made landfall and headed out to the Atlantic. This website received 932 hits that day after my pregocnitive message 4-5 days previous

Now that you see I offer no “proof” but heresay you will have to take my word for it that I have “proved” God for you, dear skeptic. Will my word be enough, considering I am telling the truth, not to “sell” books but to convey to you the magnitude the lengths I will go to to “prove” to you the non-existence of how much faith you have, towards a God who truly cares? The one and only Yaweh, the God of the Bible, who you care so little about, shall see to it that you will never care, because you will care not to even come back to my site to see what I have to offer, such as a profound insight into the ascended master realm and God that I recently offered on this website? Is this good enough, or is there more I can prove to you, like how much of a character I must be to claim to be God in the flesh, when “everyone knows God is not a man” or that God is soooo unknowable that He or She is sooo far above us He or She wants nothing to do with us mortals.

Oh, but He does, and he has manifested through me, yours truly, Daniel Eli, author of Final Book of Daniel.



This author, Daniel Eli,  is  the actual reincarnation of a genuine Biblical prophet (whose story of awakening in the 21st century is documented in the (free-to-read) Final Book of Daniel) in the flesh

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